World Traveler and Nature Photographer Meets Paper Arts and Crafts

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Introducing Photos for Artists, which is a series of collections of travel and nature photos, for crafters to use in your paper arts and crafts projects, available now in my Etsy store.

Giraffe mascot for Photos for Artists Etsy store. world traveler and photographer meets arts and crafts.

You can view my Etsy store here.

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The world is full of wonder, and I really enjoy capturing that in photographs to share with others. I love to use images to tell a story. Now you can take my images and use them to tell your own stories in your own creations. These images are great for a variety of projects including: collage (5″ x 8″ backgrounds are the perfect size for SoulCollage®), journaling, decoupage, book arts, paper craft, and scrapbooking.

Photos for Artists has original travel and nature photos for paper arts and crafts

If you’re a paper artist or have an interest in decorative journals, collage, SoulCollage® or book arts, check out these new Photo Packs. I’ve taken my favorite original nature and travel photos and put them on 5″ x 8″ sheets, printed on one side, on heavy text stock. Each Photo Pack is a mix of backgrounds, as well as smaller images meant to be cut out and used for accents in your paper arts and crafts projects.

The packs have a mix of shots straight from the camera along with some altered images. These photographs were taken in my explorations around the globe, as well as in my own backyard. Here’s a taste of some images and the stories behind them (the packs can be found for sale on my Etsy store).

Take a look at what is in the collections!

Sample images and their stories

Collection 1
22 Full-bleed 5″ x 8″ backgrounds
77 Smaller images to cut out
99 total images!

Ferris Wheel at Del Mar Fairgrounds, CA — Collection 1

I love the old time feel of this shot. Before I played with it, the photo was a lot less interesting. After a few filters in Lightroom, it looks like something I found in my grandparents photo album. The aged film look and the soft focus really transforms this into a much more interesting nostalgic shot.

Showcase contents of Collection 1 - Photos for Artists for paper arts and crafts
Collection 2
27 Full-bleed 5″ x 8″ backgrounds
72 Smaller images to cut out
99 total images!

Mushrooms — Collection 2

Another thing that really captures my interest is closeup photography — you see things you might normally miss. I had to lay on the ground to get a side view of these mushrooms since they were so small. It’s not a view we normally catch walking by, but it’s the best way to catch a glimpse of the wee folk living under there (although I didn’t find anyone home this time).

Showcase contents of Collection 3 - Photos for Artists for paper arts and crafts
Collection 3
27 Full-bleed 5″ x 8″ backgrounds
72 Smaller images to cut out
99 total images!

Steampunk Warrior — Collection 3

I captured this great steam punk-looking raptor at Hawk Watch. Events like this let you get close to eagles, hawks and owls that you could never approach in the wild. There are demonstrations and short talks about the birds. Hawk Watch is held in January and February by the Wildlife Research Institute in Ramona, CA (and bonus — it is free to attend).

Each pack for paper arts and crafts has 99 images and contains:

• Unique travel and nature photos
• Great for art projects including: collage, journaling & paper craft
• 50 Sheets printed on one side
• Quality dull coated #80 text paper
• Great mix of background and foreground images
• 5˝ x 8˝ backgrounds are perfect size for SoulCollage®

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Art instructors! You can advertise your paper arts and crafts classes and workshops with these images

I was inspired by an artist friend to create Photographs for Artists. She had run into some issues posting samples of her work online to advertise her workshop. These unique high-quality outdoor images are especially for artists and crafters to use in your paper arts and crafts projects.

Go ahead and post your finished projects that incorporate these images on websites and social media. And you can advertise workshops or classes using your projects that include these images, online or in print; though you may not resell the images in whole or in part.

You will find three different Photo Packs (as well as discounted multi Packs) in my new Footprints And Photos Etsy store.

Make your own footprints…

Please share how you use the images in your craft projects

My passions include art, photography, traveling and paper craft, so this has been a really fun project to pull together. I hope you enjoy using the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

If you pick up a collection please post photos of your finished projects to Instagram and facebook with the hashtags: #photos4artists and #footprintsandphotos. I’d love to see what you do with the photos.

Thanks and enjoy the journey!

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Recently I created Photos for Artists, packs of images for artists to use in their collage and art projects. You can find a detailed description and photos on my Footprints and Photos Etsy store.

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