Travel is Just so Much Fun!

I love to travel, especially where I can be out in nature. Throw in a few friends and some snacks and you are primed for the perfect adventure! My name is Karin Wilson and I’m an artist, designer, photographer and storyteller. I’d like to share some of the wonder and beauty of the natural world with you through my photography and stories.

Cool Travel Gifts

Let’s jump right in!

Gifts for Travelers

If you are looking for a gift to share the beauty and diversity of nature with someone else (or treat yourself) check out my Zazzle store, where I’ve created some gifts for travelers with some of my favorite photographs. Items include notecards, tote bags, journals, mugs and more! Every product is backed by Zazzle’s guarantee.

San Diego to Prescott

Franz and I took a road trip to Prescott from San Diego by motorcycle May 12 — May 19, 2018. It was the longest road trip I have done by motorcycle and it was great fun (mostly)! The trip is divided up into three parts for easier reading. Part I covers the day from Encinitas to Blythe, Part II from Blythe to Prescott, and Part III details the off road adventures in the Prescott area.

Make Your Own Footprints!

Get out there and explore by foot, bike, kayak, motorcycle or automobile — just get out there!