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Abstract nature images are one of my favorite topics to shoot. The featured images below are good examples of how you can shoot something to create a field of color and/or texture for your art and craft projects. The best abstracts sometimes even look like something else at first glance.

To help illustrate, I’ve placed some abstract nature images in a piano binding journal to add color, texture and visual interest. I hope that these examples will be inspirational to you and your next creative project.

Photos for Artists collections 1-3

Get creative with these nature and travel images in the Footprints And Photos Etsy store.

Piano Binding Journal

I’ve placed abstract nature images into this piano binding journal for visual interest as well as to inspire the writer. The book is 5″ x 5″.

Abstract Nature Images
These images all provide a splash of color, texture and varied levels of detail. The flower petals look soft, the branches look hard, and the water droplets almost pop off the page — I think these photo pages really bring the book to life. The images are printed on one side so there is even an additional surface to write on in the finished book.
Abstract Nature Images
Abstract Nature Images
These images are all from Photos for Artists Collection 1. You can get creative today with your own photo packs from the Footprints and Photos Etsy store.

I’d love to see what you make. Please use #Photos4Artists to share your work with others.

Below is a video showing every page of the piano binding journal. Besides photographs, I have also added some of my Gelli prints to add even more visual and tactile variety to the book.

Abstract Nature Images

All the images are from the Photos for Artists collections.

Closeup image of bare tree branches against a blue sky

Total Exposure

Bare branches are a familiar site to those living in colder climates. By zooming in so that I just capture the jumble of bare sticks and branches I’ve changed how we normally see a tree. Now, we are examining a solid block of thick and thin sticks.

I like the contrast of the stark branches in the bright blue sky. You can use this as a background or cut out the branches to frame something else.

This image is available in Collection 1 on the Footprints And Photos Etsy store.

Closeup image of cracked mud

Parched in the Sun

I am fascinated by how mud puddles dry up and crack in the sun. Out in the Borrego Desert you can find all kinds of texture, thickness and cracking in different locations.

Sometimes the cracks are very deep and make some cool patterns. There is no sense of scale in this image, so it’s hard to gauge how thick the pieces are. In this image it looks like stacks of thick paper have been cracked in place. I love how the sun-baked layers are peeling up at different rates.

I tinted this image to give it an older weathered look. Almost like an old fashioned duotone.

This image is available in Collection 2 on the Footprints And Photos Etsy store.

Closeup of fall leaf showing vein pattern

Roadmap to Fall

This field of rich burnt orange color, with texture and soft edges, is a great background image.

At first it is not so obvious what we are looking at. It could be a drone shot of mountain erosion in the desert. Maybe a heat map of suburban sprawl? Once you see the leaf pop into focus it is hard to unsee.

This image is available in Collection 3 on the Footprints And Photos Etsy store.

Abstract Nature Images for Artists

For me, the fun of these abstract nature images is how they can be a simple background of color, or upon closer examination, the details on a leaf — or both. Photos for Artists collections are full of images from various locations around the world, and around the neighborhood. You will find a variety of abstracts, backgrounds and foreground images in each collection. Get creative today with your own collections from the Footprints And Photos Etsy store.

Make your own footprints…

Please share how you use the images in your craft projects

My passions include art, photography, traveling and paper craft, so this has been a really fun project to pull together. I hope you enjoy using the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

If you pick up a collection please post photos of your finished projects to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags: #photos4artists and #footprintsandphotos. I’d love to see what you do with the photos.

Thanks and enjoy the journey!

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